Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Marriage Dilemma! Riddle 1

See if you can solve this riddle:

Br Assad has recently married a lady from the local village. He himself is over the moon, however the lady is not at all pleased with the pairing and constantly mocks at him and tries to make him mad.

During one row, Assad finally says, 'That's it! I promise if you say one more thing to me I'm going to say the same thing back. And if I don't… I divorce you three times!'

Now Assad is in trouble. While the lady does not have much knowledge of the Islamic law of nikah, she is an expert when it comes to logic and enigmas. Wanting the marriage to end, she coolly says to Assad, 'I divorce you three times'.

Br Assad is astounded. He can neither respond nor not respond! He quickly runs to ask all of the local fuqaha to help to save his marriage but none are able to do so – they tell him that the Talaq is inevitable!

He spots you and knows that you would be well versed in logic and Islamic Legal Theory.

Are you able to help br Assad? Is there anything that he can say or do that will save his marriage?

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