Monday, April 1, 2013

A Hijabi Muslimah's fight

A Hijabi Muslimah said :
When I Go To Market And I See All These Kind Of Tight Jeans, Short Skirts And indecent Clothes
Shaitan Comes And Whispers To Me   All  Girls Are Wearing Those Clothes Except You !!
Live Your Life As Girls in Your Age Are Doing!

I just ignore His Whispers And Remember This Ayah (verse of Quran):  
“But As For Him Who Feared Standing Before His Lord, And Restrained Himself From Evil Desires, And Lusts. Verily, Paradise Will Be His Home”.

I Also Remember This Hadith  Teachings of Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho A’laihi wasallam
’Ό Clothed Yet Naked Women Who Will Never Enter Jannah Or Smell its fragrance.

At That Point,
I Control My Desires And I Teach My Nafs (Soul) That Jannah is Way More Precious Than A Cheap Piece Of Cloth.

Dear Sisters,
Surround Yourself With The Great Meanings Of That Ayah in This Time Of Temptations, Raise Your Nafs (soul) To Control its Desires.

Ya Allah!!! Turner Of Hearts, Make Our Hearts Firm On Your Deen And Save Us from The Evil Of Fitnah, Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen

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