Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Khuda say Husn nay Ik Roz ye Sawal Kiya - By Allama Iqbal

Khuda say Husn nay Ik Roz ye Sawal Kiya

One day Beauty asked a question to Creator.

Jahaan mein Kiun na mujhay tu nay Lazawaal kiya

 Why didn’t you make me ever lasting?

Mila Jawaab k Tasveer Khana hai Dunya

It was answered that this world is a theater

Shab Daraaz Adem ka Fasana hai Dunya

This world is a fiction of a long non existing night.

Hoi hai Rang-e-Taghaiyur say jab namood is ki

Though, it (this world) was decorated with variation of colors

Wohi Haseen hai Haqeeqat Zawaal hai Jis ki

Hence, only that will be called beautiful whose beauty is going to be finished. (that means if beauty stays for ever then what will be its opposite? When Beauty lasts / destroys, only then we can say what is beauty)

Kahin Qareeb tha , ye Guftagu Qamar nay suni

Moon was somewhere nearby and he heard all this conversation.

Falaq pay aam hoi Akhtar-e-Sehar nay Suni

Suddenly this conversation was spread all over the sky, and the morning-star also heard it.

Sehar nay Taray say Sun kar Sunai Shabnam ko

Listening from star, Morning told this to Dew-droplet.

Falaq ki Baat bata di Zamee k Mehram ko

Secrets of Sky was told to earth’s companion

Bhar aye phool k Ansu Payaam-e-Shabnam say

This message of Dew droplet made the flower’s eyes tearful.

Kali ka Nanha sa Dil Khun ho gaya Gham say

The tiny heart of blooming flower was grieved with intense sadness.

Chaman say Rota huwa Mausam-e-Bahaar gaya

The spring season left the garden while crying.

Shabab Saair ko aya tha, Sogwaar gaya…!

The youth seems had come for a short visit and left sorrowful.


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